Never too soon, always too late, and right on time is overrated

You know what's worse than the demons getting you?

Them not getting you. Teasing you. Revealing themselves to you but not sealing the goddam deal.

The funny thing about trying to impose order on chaos is that while some results may be desirable, on the whole it just gets more chaotic.

I'm off work by midnight and home by 20 to 1. The first two months working there I was actually climbing into bed around 3 or 4.

That was wreaking havoc on my mornings, so I've been trying to force myself to bed sooner.

So far, I've been in bed and asleep by 2 once, 3 twice and after 6 many times.

My life would like me to leave well enough alone, apparently.

This country is fucked. No Obama can save us. No McCain will make things worse (although Palin is providing unprecedented comedy).

This country is fucked. People intently watch and fervently analyze the debates with half the passion I put into my fantasy football teams. I'm coming out ahead.

This country is fucked. Two terms is not enough time to fix the economy, and any real attempt to do so will guarantee a single term. If party B's president tries to fix it in one term or two and party A wins the next election, party A will immediately distance themselves from what might have been sound policy simply because it was unpopular.

Don't kid yourself and think if party B wins again they'd do anything different.

To pass the time and to get ahead in life as well, I enjoy making games of mundane activities. It helps make the dreary a little more lively.

But fuck these parties for fucking everything up. Managing the country, which ought be the priority, has taken such a backseat to trendiness.

Hey, I used to blame the conservatives and Republicans for polarizing the fuck out of everything until I realized it was mutually beneficial to both sides.

Hey, with each passing year since the '8os, it's grown exponentially trendier to get involved in the Democratic party while in high school.

Of course, tit for tat, young Republicans stepped up to bat as well.

As the well we draw from gets more and more tainted, both parties grow stronger. Why? The other guys did it.

On the other hand, though, you know something?

You know how I keep saying this country is fucked?

It doesn't matter. It's not like gorgeous America's still bleeding.

Our nation is a self-absorbed zombie. It's dead, but ain't no one killing it.

Seriously. If nations were people, would you fuck with the well-armed dude who owed you 50 billion dollars?

It's why I kind of like the idea of a President Palin.

Evangelical twitwat or not, the over/under on her isn't much different than anyone else.

Which in a way, sort of takes us back to that beautifully inspiring misconception this country's people so naively held for almost 200 years: anyone could grow up to be president.

But to be practical for a moment, if McCain were to be elected president and died, she would be advised by the same people that were advising him, who are roughly equivalent to the same people who are advising Obama.

Of course, that means Obama ought win. If the role of the president is to be a charming orator and functionally perform the wishes of the handlers, then he can call the landslide now.

Oops, but he's black

But wait. Does that matter?

No. There's just as many blacks that will vote for him because he's black, if not more, than whites who will vote for McCain, just because he'll look better in the parish scrapbook (just don't ask Carol).

Hell yeah, this country's racist. Don't deny it away, but don't deify it either. Deal with it.

That's another place where all the things that are supposed to help people have failed miserably.

Two things that have helped foster the most animosity down the racial divide are government and Christian churches.

A citizen should put the well-being of nation over his life and a Christian should dedicate his life to being Christ-like.

As for the latter, obviously I don't care. You can be a good person without magic tricks or generous reviews from Flavius Josephus.

With the former, while I hope it's obvious that I'm not anti-American, I can see how some people might get that idea.

I love America. But there's a difference between dying for America and dying for American interests, and that's why I keep my mouth shut around most veterans.

Actually, the modern modes of the military and the church are quite similar. All the eggs in one basket, and if anyone suggests a different basket or a diversification of baskets, it invalidates what they've done, so naturally they get touchy.

I mean, if someone suggested to me that fantasy football was not a pleasurable way to enjoy one's time, I would probably be quite irate. I may even seem like an irrational bully (who may or may not have had one too many).

The thing that gets me the most about all of this politicking in general is that I'm old enough where I'm not concerned about me. I'm strong enough and wily enough to survive whatever the next ten years brings, assuming the worst, and I'm impractical and foolish enough to enjoy the silliness it all will be, provided the best.

But now seems like a real shitty time to have kids. Every politician-cum-president from now until the day we die will be selling the future of the kids I don't have yet trying to stabilize right now.

Of course, not that I advocate this in the least, but America would be in better shape if they'd followed a little bit of the Koran's advice.

Credit BAD! Loans BAD!

Gambling is all fine and well when you can afford to do it for fun, but nobody whoever played poker because they had to ever came out ahead in the long run.

Really, how hard is it to figure out? Don't spend money you don't have, unless you have parents that can bail you out (thanks, Jim and Mavis, time and time again!) without bankrupting them.

I honestly believe this country would be a better place if everyone in this country who has never had/gotten to eat ramen ate it for the next year straight.

On that note, I'm going to wrap this up.

I'm going to watch some of the best television ever produced, which I bought today and shouldn't have, because I only had the funds to buy it because I sold a bunch of DVDs to buy enough ramen and bus passes and buy-one-get-one-free Marlboro 27s to last me to my next paycheck.

To me, I present the first season of Six Feet Under.

The rest of you, please, keep enjoying the juggling act that will theoretically affect the future.