Ha Ha Sob

Less than 48 hours after I got the car running again, some guy on the interstate jammed his brakes on. Squishy brakes and rainslicked pavement formed a hazardous duo.

Since his jeep was completely okay, he hopped back in and drove off as I asked about insurance. His rear-mounted spare tire had mulched my grill and crumpled my hood.

I drove it home all right, although it hisses a little. I'm a little grumpy since the humor wore off.

I've had a little trouble caring, though not in the way I usually define as good. I've now wasted nearly an entire day in which I could have been sorting things out, looking for pinched hoses or radiator leaks. It would take 15 minutes to remove the hood, walk on it till it's flat, bolt it back on and tarp-strap it back down.

I'm not even interested in that.

Saying that made me feel better. I'm gonna go tear that sucker apart and see if I can get it to at least take me to work today.


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