Maybe THIS will do the trick...

So as it turns out, one of my coworkers has a film degree and has written, directed and produced two features. Investigating the net a bit deeper, I discovered he also has a band and a fledgling record label.

I'm going to watch his movies now and see what that does to me.

I may be inspired because they're good, and somebody who does what I do for a living made them.

I may be inspired because they're bad, and there's nothing I hate more than failure succeeding where I've failed (thusfar).

I may be inspired because they're somewhere in between and I am compelled by the noble calling of one-upsmanship.

Never underestimate one-upsmanship. There would be far less art in the world, good and bad, if it weren't for arbitrary and sudden rivalries.

I may also simply fall asleep on a couch or a chair because the part of me that's excitable is often sat upon by the part of me that simply doesn't care.

If I survive, I shall report.

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